Conducted in conjunction with the West Main Master Plan, market research expert Peter Bazeli of Weitzman Associates paints a positive picture of the future of Pensacola in his recently-completed marketability study.

The study is the result of several months of research, demographic and economic study as well as exploring existing development in the Pensacola area. Generally, such reports never reach the public, but in keeping with the commitment Quint Studer made in his agreement with the city for the option to lease the Maritime Park parcels, transparency is the foremost priority, said Studer Properties President Andrew Rothfeder.

“We want the public to be informed every step of the way,” said Rothfeder. “Releasing this report in advance of the public input sessions this week was our way of making sure the community is starting with the same knowledge we have, allowing them to give recommendations based on what the market says is feasible.”

A summary of the report, included below, highlights strong support for downtown housing, entertainment, and restaurant opportunities. Bazeli noted that developing the West Main Street corridor is a key component of connecting west side neighborhoods to the rest of downtown Pensacola and to the water.


West Main Street Sites Summary 0400919 FINAL