Yesterday afternoon, the Architectural Review Board voted unanimously to approve the design plan for the Studer Community Institute building plaza. We are excited to share the renderings with you below!

Since this will be a community space, we decided to let the community help us create the designs. Last September, we held a focus group to determine what would best serve the residents of Pensacola.

For the outdoor space, they asked for:

  • Shaded areas
  • Safety features for evening enjoyment of the space
  • Games for all ages
  • More green space

Per their suggestions, we have added an area for games like chess and ping pong and even have a shaded area for children to play on those hot summer days. As in other urban areas, our outdoor amenities will change with the season and based on community needs. This will give people something to look forward to, as the space will be everchanging.

To accomodate more green space and shaded paths, this brick jungle will soon be an oasis with vegetation, ample trees and places for young and old to play and learn together.

There will also be ample lighting to allow for safe strolls in the evening.

Stay tuned, as we will soon be releasing our renderings for the first-floor lobby, as well!