The former SunTrust building will now be transformed into the Studer Community Institute Headquarters. The drawings represented some of the ideas for a multi-million dollar upgrade to the iconic building on Garden Street.

Owner, Quint Studer said the goal of the purchase and renovations was to turn the building into a place for community discussions and dialogue, host expert speakers on issues important to Pensacola, and create an open public space for citizens to meet and enjoy downtown.

“Our goal has always been to improve the quality of life for people in Northwest Florida,” said Studer. “From Entrecon to the Business Roundtable to the future SCI building, we hope to help our community and our local businesses be more productive and profitable, which means more jobs and a better-trained workforce,” he continued.

In addition to the planned upgrades to the bottom two floors, Studer noted that several meetings had already taken place to solicit feedback from current tenants at the building on ways to improve their work experience there.