Main Street

Located at the intersection of Main and Palafox Streets in the heart of downtown, the Main Street stores are in prime location. Like the Artisan building, this area of downtown Pensacola was run down and was transformed after Studer Properties purchased and renovated. Main Street was originally home to FIORE, a local florist, and VolumeONE Hair Salon. FIORE has since moved to a larger space just a few minutes down the road, and the owner of VolumeONE, Hurst Butts, recently bought the entire Main Street property from us! We are excited to see what he does with this beautiful building!

VolumeONE Salon

Every stylist at VolumeONE stays well traveled, personally experiencing the styles and trends around the country and across the globe through participation in classes, seminars and hair shows. We are continually polishing the aesthetics of the shop and bettering ourselves by continuing to grow in our craft as we push forward into the future.